About the University

About the University


The Belgorod State Agricultural University is one of the largest scientific educational centers of Central Chernozem Region. Originally it was founded as a scientific institution in February 1956. In 1971 it was reorganized to Scientific and Research Technological Program Institute of Animal Breeding in Central Chernozem Region. In 1978 on its basis Belgorod Agricultural Institute (a scientific educational centre of agriculture) was established. In 1994 the institute was granted academy status, and in 2014 was renamed as Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education «Belgorod State Agricultural University named after V. Gorin».

Belgorod SAU is located in a very nice place called Mayskiy which is 16 kilometers far from the city of Belgorod.
Many outstanding people have visited Belgorod SAU since its establishment. Among them: the first President of Russia Boris Yeltzin, prominent statesmen, agrarians and scientists from Russia and from abroad as well. Lots of foreign students from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America together with students from all regions of Russia receive higher education in Belgorod SAU.

At the present time there are more than 300 teachers who work for 23 departments of the University. There are 49 doctors of sciences, professors and 179 masters of sciences, assistant professors, chiefs of region administration, banks and companies.
There are 7 faculties at Belgorod SAU: the Faculty of Agronomy, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Technology, the Extramural Department, Post-secondary Institution.

The total number of students including extramural department is more than 8 thousand. The campus consists of a number of buildings including training blocks, an administration block, a library, a sports center and 5 student's hostels.
The biggest training block is nicknamed the «Titanic». It houses 4 faculties: the Faculty of Agronomy, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Extramural Department. The University has modern material and technical basis that includes lecture rooms equipped with modern screens and digital scanning projectors for carrying out video-lectures and for delivering presentations in Power Point. Computer classrooms have a free Wifi Internet access and Intranet connection.

In order to hold great exhibitions of modern agricultural machinery, to house international meetings and conferences, to carry out practical applications and hands-on experiments Belgorod SAU has a big educational and exhibition hall called «Agrotechnopark» at its disposal.
Belgorod SAU proposes a long list of possibilities to one's choice: 1 specialty, 14 Bachelor's degree programmes, 13 Master's degree programmes, 5 PhD programmes, and also 11 programs of secondary vocational education.The students are taught by highly skilled professors (the staff consists of 49 Doctors of Science and 179 Candidates of Science). Education gained at the university ensures a considerable and profound background in all fields of knowledge and prepares for practical activity.

There is the Preparatory Russian Language Course opened 10 years ago at our University. The students study Russian with highly qualified teaching staff.
Belgorod SAU trains highly skilled experts in the sphere of agriculture. Students acquire profound knowledge both in science and culture. They take an active part in social life by joining different amateur societies and groups such as «The students' Club», a ball-room dancing group, a vocal studio, an amateur theatre, a brass band, a chorus of Russian folk songs, KVN teams (Russian traditional students' festivals of humor).
Students also spend much time on keeping fit and healthy by going in for sports. There is a special building called «Palace of Culture and Sports».

Students who come from abroad live in a new recently constructed hostel. The hostel is equipped with all modern conveniences: a canteen, an Internet-cafe, gyms, laundries, hotel-type rooms with a kitchen and a bathroom in each section.
There one can find a modern cinema hall, a swimming pool, a winter garden (a greenhouse), different educational clubs etc.
The territory infrastructure is also well organised. One can find there a bank, a cash-dispenser, a post office, a polyclinic, several drug-stores and stores of different kinds. The transport network is well developed.

Welcome to our Univerisity!