Some information about student's life in our University

Some information about student's life in our University

Belgorod SAU is educational and research center of innovative orientation to the new generation. The university provides necessary knowledge and skills for a future professional life of our alumni.

Students have equipped classrooms, qualified teaching staff, comfortable dormitories, library, gyms, horse riding school, cafes, canteens, recreation centers, hobby groups, sport sections and recreation camp.

Foreign students live in modern and comfortable dormitories with all facilities. Dormitory room is a two-room apartment for 4 people with kitchen, balcony, toilet and bathroom.

For applicants who do not speak Russian, there is an opportunity to take Russian Language Course at the Linguistic Educational Center.

In December 2010 the International Students Club Planet of Friends began its work. It became the center of the cultural life of foreigners in the Belgorod SAU. The Club Council includes the best foreign students from different countries and continents. There is the President of the foreign students and 3 Vice-presidents, who represent foreign communities.

Foreign students take an active part in concerts, sports competitions, parties, discos and in national and local holidays. The university administration regularly organizes excursions to museums, centers of folk art, memorial places of Belgorod and Belgorod region.