Preparatory Russian Language Course

Preparatory Russian Language Course

Ten years ago Belgorod State University (BSU) and our university signed an agreement of cooperation in education for foreign students. And the preliminary course was opened as a branch of BSU at our university. From 2015 Linguistic Educational enter of Belgorod SAU provides the preparatory Russian language course. The preparatory course gives an opportunity to study subjects according to the chosen field of study. Participants of the course gain basic knowledge in Russian grammar, country studies and subjects according to the major programs for which they are planning to apply. All received knowledge and skills is necessary for successful communication in everyday life and studying process. The general Russian course for international students is aimed at the development of their language skills such as speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Today we provide Preparatory Russian Language Courses in four fields: biomedical, technical, economic, scientific. More than 150 foreign students from different countries (Ecuador, Turkmenistan, Syria, Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Haiti, Brazil, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, etc.) study at Preparatory Russian Language Courses every year.

Submission to the preparatory course:

10 months course Documents are accepted until October, 1;

18 months course Documents are accepted until February, 15;

6 months course (intensive course) Documents are accepted until December, 1;

Obligatory payments

Tuition fee of Russian courses for 2021-2022 - 87 600 RUR + 1% bank service

Organization fee 1 000 RUR

Residing at quarantine (10 days) - 4860 RUR

Hostel cost 2844 RUR. per month

Medical insurance cost 3500 RUR per year

Health examination 3100 RUR

Visa prolongation - 1600 RUR

Transit visa (after course finishing) 1000 RUR

Invitation 800 RUR